• The Halfway-Halfway Point

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    Joel says:

    I’m offically halfway through my first semester of graduate school right now. I’ve had a bit of a break this week, since one of my professors was out of town (plus I was sick). I think I only went to two classes this week out of a possible ten. In some ways, I hoped things would be different by now: I still don’t have a job (just found out the latest lead went bust), I’ve strayed somewhat from the enthusiasm I had for my studies for the first month or so, and I haven’t made a lot of friends at school.

    Despite all this, I am enjoying myself. I know I need to step up the amount of work I’m doing, but right now my classes aren’t demanding. That’s about to change due to a switch to a new professor in one class and starting to buckle down on a seminar paper for another. Academic motivation, here I come!

    In case you’re curious, my current classes are:

    ENG 600 – Fundamentals of Research
    ENG 328 – Structure of American English
    ENG 614 – Teaching ESL Writing

    If everything works out the way it should, next semester I’ll take:
    COM 322: Intercultural Communication
    ENG 417: Second Language Acquisition
    ENG 635: Issues in ESL/EFL
    ENG 684: Internship in Teaching ESL
    …plus beginning Chinese. It’s fairly certain we won’t be going to China for the Peace Corps, but I’ve decided I want to take it anyway.

    Happy Weekend!



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