• Taking it back to the Old School

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    Joel sez:

    School’s in for the semester…and already my brain has begun its customary response to being asked to work: completely shutting off. I had an awful headache all day and came home and took a nap while listening to NPR. Then I had a beer and some nachos, and felt a lot better.

    My schedule is both less crazy than I’d anticipated and more demanding than I’d anticipated. I am taking three classes (Introduction to TESOL, Second Language Acquisition, and Ethnography) and doing one internship (teacher’s aide at IELI), all of which involve a lot of writing. I’m looking forward to really “digging in” to the work this semester, and there’s quite a bit of articulation between all my courses, which is great: I almost feel like I’m just doing one big piece of “work” for the next 4 months.

    The big dilemma regarding school is the problem of trying to finish in one semester once we come back from the Peace Corps. Inititally, the program was meant to be done in 3 semesters (with the 2-year PC service between the 2nd and 3rd), but I was told upon arriving at HSU that it would likely take four. I was, or am, determined to do as much as I could to finish in the fall of 2008, but that may not be possible. We’re toying with the idea of moving to Sacramento when we come back so I can finish at CSUS, but that would also take a full year. The jury is out, and we’ll keep you posted…

    In other news, I’m still helping out with the new band Synthar2000 with my friends Matt, Andrew, and Johnny, but to be honest my role with them feels more like a consultant than full-fledged band member. We/they are creating some really great music, and hope to finish an album this year. I’m still writing features and a local music column for the Eureka Times-Standard, and am supposed to start working a little in their office next week, which is good — anything to help pay down the credit card bill! I’ve been trying to do more freelance writing, but I suspect I’ll have less time now that school is starting again. You can check out my “music critic” blog to keep tabs on current writing projects….

    Well, we’ve got some bananna bread in the oven, and maybe a movie to watch, so I’ll go now.

    joel (and sarah)



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