• Month of Love

    by  • March 1, 2006 • California • 2 Comments

    Sarah says:

    In honor of our having met the 6 year mark in terms of dating, Joel and I enjoyed a night on the town last weekend. We dined at one of the few Italian restaurants in town called Cin Cin (pronounced “chin chin”) where I had the best tender, succulent lamb EVER–braised in a red wine reduction sauce with roasted vegetables and couscous. Joel had spinach ravioli filled with gorgonzola. That was pretty tasty too.

    We then proceeded to a jazz concert (which, thanks to Joel’s schmoozing powers at the Times-Standard, was free) featuring legendary pianist most famous for being John Coltrane’s keyboard man, McCoy Tyner. He played with a drummer and a stand up bassist, who definitely stole the show. This guy had a bow, the back of which he used to tap the strings for a dramatic, percussive effect. It was rad.



    Sarah grew up in Colorado but considers herself a Chinese-Malaysian-English-American. Her favorite thing to do is read in bed, or some sunny spot on a couch.

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    1. Kathleen
      March 1, 2006 at 11:39 pm

      I remember when you guys started dating. It’s sort of weird to think that it’s been so long and that we’re all married grownups now.

      It sounds like a great evening, though! And congrats on 6 years together!

    2. Tom
      March 26, 2006 at 10:40 pm

      I hit the “next blog” feature from my blog (rationalfeast.blogspot.com) and what should come up but a blogger from my home town! The things randomness can accomplish.

      So I just thought I’d say hello from a former Eureka boy.

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