• US Out of Bangladesh

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    No, not the military; the Peace Corps has pulled out of Bangladesh. Depending on who you ask, it’s either due to general skittishness about terrorist groups there, or due to specific concerns about the safety of PC Volunteers.

    The official news release
    From the Bangladesh Independent
    BBC News

    What does this mean for us? Well, if indeed we go to Asia, there are now only four possibilities: China, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand.

    We’re still in the doldrums of the medical screening. My appointments & tests should be through this week (please!), as should Sarah’s. Barring any more weird test results, our forms will be mailed by the end of next week. Then we wait to see if the PC wants more tests (I really, really hope not, but with the recent news that I have kidney stones, you never know), and hopefully by the middle of April we’ll have our invitation. I spoke to our Placement Officer again today and she assured me that we’re pretty much on track, timeline-wise.

    More updates soon! –joel



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