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    posted by Sarah

    These past few weeks have been extremely difficult as we continue to look down various paths. Now that the Peace Corps seems no longer a viable opportunity at this time, we’ve basically narrowed it down to two options.

    The first is the not so exciting one; that is, to stay here in Eureka for another year so Joel can finish his MA degree. It won’t be the original hoped-for degree–Teaching Writing & ESL; instead he’d follow another course track in Teaching Writing. This option hinges on the hope that we could become CA state residents and pay the in-state tuition (a vast difference in price from what out-of-staters have to pay). The benefits of this option is that we wouldn’t have to move and Joel will have finished his degree, thus giving us more leverage in job-hunting than a 1/2 finished degree.

    The second option, if Joel can’t get in-state tuition, is to apply to teach in China for 1 0r 2 years at a university somewhere. Luckily we have no shortage of helpful advice from others who have done this sort of thing, which is good since there are thousands of schools to choose from in China. This is definitely the more tempting of the 2 options, since Eureka doesn’t feel like home to us, even after 9 months, and we’d be pursuing the original “going abroad” plan more closely.

    In the meantime, life goes on. I (Sarah) am showing my artwork at a local coffee shop, Joel’s in the final few weeks of the semester, and we’re planning a short trip to Portland next weekend to meet up with Joel’s family and visit a few friends. I’m vaguely considering taking some courses, either to get a TEFL certificate or to get an AS in Digital Media. We’re both looking for a respite from the (apparently unusual) windy, grey & rainy days cast over our lives during the winter season.



    Sarah grew up in Colorado but considers herself a Chinese-Malaysian-English-American. Her favorite thing to do is read in bed, or some sunny spot on a couch.

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