• Trip to Portland

    by  • May 26, 2006 • Portland, vacation • 0 Comments

    The end of Joel’s first year of graduate school was cause for celebration in the form of leaving town for four days and heading up to Portland, where we rendez-voused with the Hartse family and the Conant couple for a brief sojourn in the Rose City. Unfortunately we forgot the camera most of the time so here are a few pictures from the rose garden, where the roses weren’t yet in bloom (but that’s another story):
    Luckily the rhododendrons were out in full force and were quite breathtaking to see.
    Sarah’s birthday rolled along the week after that, and besides turning 3 years old (as the candles would seem to imply) she won big bucks (well, $40) at the local casino, ate a free meal there, and watched “Over the Hedge” with some friends. It was, all in all, a very nice birthday.



    Sarah grew up in Colorado but considers herself a Chinese-Malaysian-English-American. Her favorite thing to do is read in bed, or some sunny spot on a couch.

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