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    posted by Sarah

    So we’re a little behind on our latest “goings-on” since our vacation ended, but hopefully we’ll catch up eventually… We’re 6 weeks deep into the spring semester, and it’s been quite a change of pace for me from the hectic fall semester. I have no classes on Mondays or Fridays, which has given me an unprecedented amount of free time which, to be honest, I have no idea what to do with right now.

    The weather has finally turned from uncomfortably chilly to quite temperate; today the high was around 72 F. We’ve been poking our heads out and squinting, not quite ready to emerge from our wintry existence, watching the latest episodes of Lost online.

    We’re also looking to the future: this summer, we plan to teach summer camp in Korea, if the paperwork can go through in a timely fashion (recently the Korean government has required foreign teachers to go through a rigorous application which includes getting a criminal background check & medical exam through their native country’s consulate, and turning in an actual copy of one’s diploma).

    And this fall, we’re still deciding where to go. I’d like to be a full-time student, taking Chinese language classes and also printmaking classes at the China Art Academy in Hangzhou; Joel is looking at schools to teach in the city. We certainly like Shaoxing, though, so maybe we’ll stay another year here. Time will tell, I suppose.



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