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    My, how time has flown! We’re on our final week (that is, before finals week) of class, and I decided to have my students do a photo scavenger hunt. The requirement was for them to find objects, places, or people that started with each letter of the alphabet, and take a group picture. In a rare show of creativity and originality (Chinese students are better known for their test-taking abilities than independent thought), I got quite a variety of photos back. Here are some highlights:

    A is for “attention”
    A is also for “ass” (I didn’t teach them that!)
    C is for “chalk”
    D is for “Dance”F is for “friend”

    N is for “nobody”O is for “Our teacher” – that’s Joel if you couldn’t tell

    O is for “on hand”

    Q is for “quadrangle”R is for “radio” T is for “toothbrush”

    Z is for “zero”



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    1. Anna
      July 2, 2008 at 4:31 am

      More blogging please:)
      What are you guys up too now that it is July 1st? Miss you.

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