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    posted by Sarah

    We’ve both been quite busy lately with various projects and events. Joel just came back from a conference in Hong Kong, the subject of which is something very confusing: The International Association of World Englishes.

    He’s also in the middle of applying to some grad schools in the US (and one in Canada) for next autumn. If there’s a good offer from one of them, then we’ll be moving back to the States in July.

    As for myself, I’ve been busying myself with schoolwork (memorizing Chinese characters mostly), experimenting with the limits of what can be cooked in a toaster oven (actually, it turns out, a lot of stuff!), getting together Christmas cards and newsletters to send, and slowly but surely making our apartment a more pleasant place to live in. Last week I brought the songs in our music collection tagged “holiday” into the general playlist mix, which has made things feel nice and festive. “The Snowman” soundtrack = instant holiday cheer! That and Ovaltine.

    This Friday, my Gong Fu classmates and I will be performing at a “talent show” featuring all the other international students in the Province. As a reward for our tireless efforts, the school is sending us on a trip to Taishun and Linhai this weekend, which I’m sure will be an interesting experience. I have no idea what’s in store at these places, but I think good times will be had by all!



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