• Proof of our (unscientific) findings

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    If you read our previous post about Chinese myths, you may have been surprised by number 5: Chinese people do NOT in fact eat everything. These findings were actually the subject of an article in Gourmet magazine’s August 2005 issue, found here. It’s an amusing and fascinating article authored by Fuschia Dunlop, whose most recent piece in the New Yorker is about an exclusive Hangzhou restaurant, which alas, we will never eat at given the minimum you have to spend is rumored at around 1600 RMB (about $235 USD), or in our terms, almost 2 weeks’ wages.

    “How am I supposed to eat this?” asks Yu Bo, puzzling over the red snapper that has sent me off into flights of ecstasy. He is as confused as a Westerner faced with her first bowl of shark’s-fin soup, plateful of sea cucumber, or serving of stir-fried ducks’ tongues. I’ve often seen this scenario in China, but this is the first time I’ve witnessed it from the other side. Read more…



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