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    by Sarah

    This post is a bit late, but I still think it’s worth writing home about. (I guess my home is the internet.)

    Sarah, along with her Gong Fu class from the Art Academy, was recently featured on local Zhejiang Province TV along with other students around Zhejiang Province in an international student talent show. It was fun, but long and tiring. Here’s the home video of the performance (Sarah’s in the back, with the red wig):

    As a reward, we (as in 500+ international students from around Zhejiang Province) got to go on a weekend trip to Linhai and Taizhou, about a 3 hour drive from Hangzhou to the coastal area of China. Unfortunately Joel couldn’t come along since he had to teach, but nonetheless Sarah had a good time.

    We stayed in a really nice hotel, and visited the Taizhou International Wen Wu School, a private training school for kids 5-18 years old to learn martial arts. Very impressive! (Actually, just click on my friend Dave’s blog because he took much better pictures than I did.)

    Some video:

    After that we did some sightseeing of the local old relics, like the South China Great Wall (which apparently is NOT part of the Northern Great Wall) and the scenic and lovely gorge area, the name of which I have forgotten.

    The hike up to the Great Wall. That red banner is especially for us.

    Me standing on the step of the Temple of Heaven (exactly like Beijing’s Temple of Heaven): apparently you stand in the middle and say something profound. Apparently it didn’t work, because immediately afterwards I dropped our camera down the long flight of steps.
    Hiking along the South Great Wall. Each tourist had his/her own local high school buddy as a guide.Breathtaking views from the bottom of the Gorge in the Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area.
    It’s like that place in North Dakota! Except, not anymore.



    Sarah grew up in Colorado but considers herself a Chinese-Malaysian-English-American. Her favorite thing to do is read in bed, or some sunny spot on a couch.

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    1. SuJ'n
      December 29, 2008 at 8:35 am

      for some reason, the video isn’t popping up on my page. :(

    2. J + S
      January 2, 2009 at 9:22 am

      It’s working now! Try again?

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