• Two More Thoughts on Sanmenxia

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    1. I wasn’t feeling too well while we were in Sanmenxia, and we were staying in a cheap hotel with a very uncomfortable bed, so Sarah, who was increasingly pregnant, wasn’t feeling great either. Yet in a way it’s the leg of the trip I remember the most fondly. I have such deep admiration for the women working at the welfare center, and spending two days just playing with kids 2 years old and under made me think a lot about reorienting my priorities. (Since I’ll be a father in t-minus less than a month, this is on my mind more lately.)

    2. (See above photo) We had perhaps our greatest meal in Sanmenxia: randomly walking past a place one day, we noticed the characters for “duck head hot pot.” Being fans of hot pot due to our recent time in Sichuan, and fans of duck heads thanks to our time in Zhejiang (and our friend Ying who introduced us to them — I know it sounds gross but it’s really not), we walked in and were treated to your basic hot pot meal except that before you put in the broth, followed by the veggies, meats, etc, there are a bunch of delicious duck heads already in the bowl for you to eat, and they are delicious.


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